Tube amp 60 cycle hum

By Rob Robinette.

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Here's my technique for troubleshooting a tube guitar amplifier. Many of these techniques apply to solid state amps too. Following it will minimize damage due to a miswired amp. The more you know about how tube amps work the easier they are to troubleshoot, so keep learning. If you have not been trained to work with high voltage then have an amp technician service your amp. Never touch the amplifier chassis with one hand while probing with the other hand because a lethal shock can run between your arms through your heart.

Use just one hand when working on a powered amp. You must drain the filter caps before doing any work inside an amplifier chassis. See more tube amplifier safety info here. Divide and conquer. Does a volume, tone or master volume control affect the noise? When a control affects the noise it usually indicates the noise is entering the amp before that control but I have seen a volume control that caused noise in a bad power tube increase so this isn't a hard-and-fast rule.

Always suspect a bad tube as they are the most common failure point in a tube amplifier. Having a spare set of tubes to swap into the amp one at a time is a must for gigging tube amp users. A bad tube can cause lots of different symptoms including everything from complete signal loss, hum, hiss, static to something that sounds like whale sounds.

tube amp 60 cycle hum

You name it and a bad tube can cause it. Power tubes usually wear out quicker than preamp tubes but as they say, "tubular morghulis," "all tubes must die. Reverb driver tubes often have over volts on their plates and die quicker than preamp tubes. Sometimes you can gently wiggle a tube and listen for noise. You can clean the socket by spraying contact cleaner on a tube's pins and inserting it into the socket a couple of times. See this for how to re-tension the tube pin holders.

In many Fender and newer two channel amplifiers the first tube on the right, V1, is for the Normal channel only and can be pulled out and used to replace all the other small tubes in the amp to find a bad tube. Play through the Vibrato channel and test the amp after every tube swap. Contrary to popular belief, the power and output transformers are the least likely cause of amp problems.

Always try another guitar, guitar cable, speaker and speaker cable. Make sure a speaker or dummy load is connected to the amp every time it is powered up. Click on your amp's symptom:. The amp is completely dead. No lights, no sound, no speaker hiss. The amp is blowing fuses.

tube amp 60 cycle hum

The amp shows signs of life but does not put out any guitar audio. Lights are on or you can hear speaker hiss. The amp powers up but makes weird noises likes squeals, oscillation, static or motor boating.

The amp powers up but the guitar audio sounds weak or bad.User Name Stay logged in? Loud 60 cycle Hum from tube amp. My first post here, a lot of the threads here go right over my head, but I enjoy reading them anyways. So anyways, I've recently gotten a whole bunch of old electronic But hidden away in this junk was a really neat old "RCA Victor" record player. After some fiddling I got it to start turning and make some noise.

The problem is that it's a very loud 60 cycle hum coming out of the speaker. I'm fairly certain the problem isn't coming from them, as I only see the heater heating up and not the plates. This is making me think it's a capacitor, because dead capacitors are a sure sign of a hum like that, right?

But the first also confuses me the most as I haven't seen a capacitor that's rated at two different values and has three leads. So my questions are: Do I need to find exact replicas of these capacitors or could I replace them with electrolytics or something else? And if so, what would you recommend? Pretty sure I need to replace a potentiometer also, but I've got tons of those Thanks for the help, let me know if I can clarify anything else, I could even take pictures if needed.

Also,probably easier to find in values of V or V.

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Some plain old Sprague "Orange Drops" should work nicely,and only cost a couple dollars. Just the caps's voltage rating. Find More Posts by DigitalJunkie. Re: Loud 60 cycle Hum from tube amp. An externally hosted image should be here but it no longer works.When troubleshooting hum in a tube amp, we must first identify which type of hum we are hearing, as there are two possible types: Hz and 60Hz.

The AC electricity coming out of the wall in America is 60Hz. This manifests itself as a very low-pitched hum—lower than the low E string on a guitar, and in between a B and a Bb.

When you hear this type of hum in a guitar amp, it is most likely coming from the 6. On all tube amps there are two wires, usually a twisted pair, that go from one tube to the next. These are the 6. On your brown Fender Deluxe, these wires go to pin 2 and pin 7 of each output tube. During manufacture, no one paid attention to the polarity of these two wires, yet this is very important in terms of hum.

The two wires are terminated on pin 2 and pin 7 of one 6V6 output tube, and again on pin 2 and pin 7 of the other 6V6 output tube. If the wire terminating on pin 2 of one 6V6 terminates on pin 2 of the other 6V6, and the wire going to pin 7 of one goes to pin 7 of the other, then the 60 Hertz hum going into the tubes will phase-cancel in the output transformer and the amp will be relatively quiet.

A problem arises when the wire on pin 2 of one tube goes to pin 7 of the other tube, and the wire on pin 7 of the first tube terminates on pin 2 of the second tube. In this case, the amp will still work. However, the hum induced in each tube is added together rather than cancelled. Correcting the polarity of the wiring will fix the problem. The other type of hum that can come from an amp is Hz.

Vacuum tube amplifiers use DC electricity, yet the wall only supplies AC electricity. Oddly enough, this Hz pulsating DC is exactly one octave higher in pitch than the 60Hz signal. It is the pitch between the B and Bb found on the second and third frets of the A string on a guitar.

All guitar amplifiers use electrolytic capacitors to filter this hum out. However, when a capacitor gets old, it will no longer do its job. Good amplifier hygiene requires that you change all of these filter capacitors every six to ten years. Make sure to use quality American-made capacitors, as the cheap Taiwanese caps will sound blown, even when new.

Here is a test to see if your filter caps are doing their job. First, turn the amp up really loud so that the output stage will be drawing lots of current. Next, play a Bb on the G string at the 15th fret. Hold the note, and listen as it sustains. If the note starts beating, like it is really out-of-tune, then it is time to change filter caps. On a vintage amp such as a brown Deluxe, I would increase the stock value of the filter cap going to the rectifier tube from 16uf at volts to uf at volts.

tube amp 60 cycle hum

Nowadays, players like to turn the amps up to get that good output tube distortion, and this higher current draw requires extra filtering to keep the amp sounding in tune and without excessive hum. Guitar Aficionado. Home Miscellaneous.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Oct 5, 1. Messages: 5, As a refresher the amp makes a noticable albeit not loud 60 cycle hum with no guitar plugged in and no gain running through the amp.

The only control which changes the level of the hum is the reverb knob. Perhaps on a club stage this would not even be an issue but at a church when the pastor preaches I can see it being a problem. So I sent the amp off to a local tech who proceeded to bias the amp for me as I asked him to unrelate work that I wanted done and then tried to fix this hum.

In the process he replaced some capacitors which he said we bad and says the amp is quieter now than when he got it. The problem is the amp is still humming which was the only noise I noticed when I sent it in. I called him back after discovering this and he was like "yeah that's a common thing with Fender amps I'm not technical enough to relate the mod to you all that will fix this problem. So here I am now trying to figure out if I should send the amp back to this guy or is he just trying to get more money out of me?

So my questions are Second, has anyone heard of this mod or anything like it? Just to answer the question I know will come up This happens when the amp is fully on with nothing plugged into it. TimHOct 5, Oct 5, 2. Messages: 2, Oct 5, 3.The first thing to consider is when the noise started. A lot of times if you can identify a condition i. The difficulty in doing this will vary depending on how large your rig is.

The easiest way to identify the source of noise is to strip everything out of your signal chain. Turn everything off and unplug all effects both in front and in an effects loop. Next, use your known good cable to plug the guitar directly into the amp What? No effects? Turn it up and play. Is the noise still there?

If yes, try another guitar if you have one on hand. If yes, try another cable. If there is no noise without your effects hooked in, start introducing one effect at a until you start getting the noise you heard. From there, unplug all other effects and run just that one that caused the noise. Is it still there? Be sure to check the patch cable associated with that effect as well. This can be time consuming but very worthwhile in reducing the overall frustration of tracking down noise.

So if the noise is coming from your guitar there are a couple of things to look at. Does the noise go away? This will not be hum canceling and will emit the same hum as an individual single coil.

So what to do if all positions hum? The quickest way to fix a bad ground is to just re-solder them all. If you cannot visually find a bad connection then making sure all of them are soldered well is a must. Once all grounds are secure, plug in and check it out. You should notice a significant reduction in hum, if not, you might want to refer to a guitar technician to have the pickups and electronics tested or pull everything out and completely re-wire the guitar.

Single coil hum is a hotly debated subject with guitarists. The simple fact of the matter is this, if you want true vintage style Strat or Tele tone, you have to use single coil pickups and they will hum.Toggle navigation. Register Login.

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Hi guys, Happy New Year! I've been busy writing and recording so my electronics project has slowed a bit.

I do have the back panel cut for my mixer. Anyway, to the issue at hand. It's just there when I turn it on, not caused by my guitar. I can gain stage around the issue pretty good, particularly for distorted tones to get the hum down to a level that's not annoying, but for cleans the hum is really limiting my gain staging.

Granted I do like to track at pretty low volumes so that's adding to the challenge. I haven't tried different tubes than the stock ones.

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If I use an SM7B it cuts that down by a lot, but still there - just down further. Other than just not turning on the iMac, is there a way to use the SM57 while the computer is on? I tried wrapping the cord up a bit, and moved the mic in another room to test it which seems to reduce it but I didn't bring the amp in the other room so I can't say for sure if that would work.

I think it's the mic picking up the computer, but it could be the amp.

Does the level of the hum change when you adjust the volume? I'm guessing if you can gain stage around it then it does, which suggests that it's introduced at an early stage and could be a bad preamp tube. Where are you hearing your interference with the mic - through monitors? Are you using an external audio interface? An old pair of monitors I had used to pick up hard drive interference on occasion, it was only in the monitoring chain and not in the actual recording.

That might be something to check. I cured that problem with an isolating transformer box. I'm assuming you're definitely using balanced mic cables? Quote from: untune on January 10,AM. It sounds like one of the preamp tubes might be the culprit.

tube amp 60 cycle hum

A pair of 12AX7s I think? You might try swapping them out first.

60 cycle hum in a Fender amp

If it solves it then you're all good, if not then you can look a little deeper. You could buy one or two - doesn' hurt to have spares and try it in each position, to see if one or both are at fault. Ok so it's in your recording chain, it could be a bad mic cable - good first place to look.

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